Product cover


Customers who purchased optional Product Cover policies are entitled to a refund

Following a review of our insurance products, we have identified concerns with Product Cover policies previously purchased by some of our customers. We believe this protection was not appropriate and provided little or no value to customers. In addition, we have concerns about the way the policy was charged to accounts and the benefit our customers subsequently received from their payments. We would like to apologise to all affected customers for that.

We are committed to the fair treatment of all our customers and, to put things right, we will be making full refunds of all premiums paid under these policies, plus interest. This will put customers back to the position they would have been in had those premiums not been applied to their accounts.

Am I affected?

Product Cover was an insurance policy offered to customers between 2007 and 2012 which covered goods purchased against accidental damage and theft. In some cases, the items protected by this policy were low cost items which were unsuited to this type of insurance. If Product Cover was purchased, a monthly charge would have shown clearly on monthly account statements. All customers also received policy documentation when they initially purchased the insurance. Product Cover was offered to Freemans, Grattan, Look Again, Kaleidoscope and Montage customers. No other brands are affected.

What should I do?

You do not need to take any action unless your contact details have changed since you last communicated with us. We have identified all affected customers and we are in the process of calculating and processing refunds. We have already begun contacting customers and this activity will continue over the coming months.

Customers DO NOT need to contact a third party to arrange their refund. Doing so will not increase the refund customers are entitled to but may result in fees being charged by third parties which will decrease the refund amount ultimately received.

If your address is the same as it was when you last communicated with us, there is no action you need to take.

If your contact details have changed, please email us at or write to us at:

Product Cover Review Team
Freemans Grattan Holdings
66-70 Vicar Lane
BD99 2XG