Developing the colleagues and teams that make FGH what it is today is critical to our success. Having listened to what our colleagues have said to us, we are pleased to announce we are developing a training and development approach that will be accessible to all.

Starting from your very first day with us, our induction and on-boarding training will ensure you have all the information you need about our great business to enable you to start contributing to our success.

Turning your job into a career is a real passion for us and our development programmes will enable you to grow in role. Using a personalised development plan, you will manage your own progression with resources provided by us to achieve your work goals. These include relevant and thought provoking off-the-job development sessions and on-the-job coaching, ensuring you can transfer your learning into the workplace.

Ready for the next step? We will develop clear career pathways that will show you the way, outlining the skills, behaviours and knowledge needed to perform at the next step. Matched to suitable training activities, you will be able to develop in role whilst getting ready for making the next step in your career.